What is this blog/Brain Evolution System?

Hey there and welcome to my personal blog of my Brain Evolution System journey! The BrainEv system is a brainwave entrainment audio program that assists newbies with easily reaching deep levels of meditation and improving cognitive function. For more about it, I’d encourage you to check out their website.

On this site I kept a journal on my daily experiences going through Levels I through III of BrainEv (there are seven overall!), and although I don’t write the personal journal posts any more, I continue to use the system (and love it) and write here to share tips on making the most of it and how to optimize your BrainEv experience.

If this is your first time on the site, I’d recommend taking two steps to get started: 

brain evolution system meditation mp3

  1. Head to the Brain Evolution System website and grab a free mp3 download so that you can briefly try it out for yourself first!
  2. Head to my Level I journal and start reading about my experience and the ups and downs of journeying through the whole system.


My 4 Best Tips to Optimize the Brain Evolution System

While I don’t use this blog to post daily updates of my journey with the Brain Evolution System anymore (just to share advice and strategy posts like this one), a lot of interested readers still stumble upon this site and have questions for me about BrainEv, if it’s right for them, and how they can make the most out of their experience.

First off, to get the “is it right for me” question out of the way first- the best way to know is to try it for yourself! That’s why they offer a free mp3 version of Level I on their website, and I’d highly encourage you to start by downloading it, putting on some headphones, and blissing out for a little while. But besides that, here are a few questions that might help you know if making the purchase is right for you:

  • Are you interested in trying out or regularly practicing meditation but don’t know where to start?
  • Does trying to meditate feel frustrating to you? Do you have trouble quieting your mind?
  • Would you rather practice mediation privately on your own time as opposed to going to a Transcendental Meditation or similar teacher to learn?

I mention those three specifically because they’re exactly what lead me to BrainEv, and I haven’t looked back since. It enabled me to start a regular meditation practice that felt effortless and fulfilling, and now that I’ve “graduated” the system (more than once over), I alternate between using it and exploring other practices of meditation.

But moving on- let’s talk about what to do once you have the program:

My 4 Best Tips to Optimize the Brain Evolution System

1. Prepare your environment

This is probably familiar advice if you’ve read books on meditation before- make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and that you can take some time to focus inwardly and not be worried about what’s going on around you. Turn the phone off, shut the laptop, etc. etc.

I’d take that advice a step further.

With BrainEv, it’s good to experiment with your environment. Will you enjoy using it most in a lightened room, or a darkened room?  Using a sleep mask?Sitting up or laying down? In your bedroom? Living room? Outside?

That being said- the traditional part of this tip about avoiding distractions is key too. If you read through my old journal, you’ll find a few instances where my roommate coming home or my neighbors blasting loud music interrupted my practice session.

2. Experiment with different times of day

Similarly in the spirit of experimentation, playing around with WHEN in the day you use BrainEv is important and can be massively beneficial. Do you practice first thing upon awakening? Or slip the headphones on while you’re still in bed and half-asleep? You could use it on your lunch break, after work, or when you’re back in bed falling asleep.Brain Evolution System in the Morning

Maybe one time of day seems to make you fall asleep during the session and you feel like you’re missing the benefit (this could also just mean that sleep is what’s most beneficial for your body at that moment). Maybe other times of day leave you more refreshed than others, or provide the most stress-relief benefit.

Keeping a journal will help you analyze these shifts based on time of day and help you make informed decisions about when to practice. Even when you have found your preferences, still play around with it sometimes- you’ll get different benefits from practicing before falling asleep then you will early in the morning! Why not get the full range of effects the Brain Evolution System could bring?

3. Have a plan

Like Tip #1, this is also a multi-faceted one. There are three plans to have when crafting your BrainEv practice: scheduling your sessions out, a post-session plan, and an “early session” plan.

First, it’s important to think ahead and plot out time on your calendar to use the Brain Evolution System. If you just say to yourself “I’ll get to it when I get a chance today”, chances are you’ll never actually practice. Make sure to be deliberate and intentional when scheduling your practice time.

Secondly- and this isn’t something that the BrainEv authors have ever talked about, but I found it useful in my personal practice- pick a meditative technique with which to start your session. Especially in the early levels, while your brain is getting acclimated to the brainwaves, it can take a little while to reach that deep relaxing state. During that time, choose a technique to focus your attention on. That could be mentally repeating a mantra or affirmation, or just focusing on your breath in and out.

brainev meditationFinally, just in case you fall asleep during your session, it’s probably worth it to plan ahead and set an alarm for a few minutes after the audio ends, or put a calm and appropriate song on a playlist after your BrainEv audio.

4. Take it easy on yourself

Finally, take it easy on yourself. Especially for that first month or two (or three), you might sometimes feel like you aren’t “doing it right”. You’re having trouble quieting your mind, or keep falling asleep, or otherwise think that you’re somehow “failing” at the Brain Evolution System. (ha!)

Realize that this is an awfully silly fault- you’re learning to meditate, there is nothing to do right or do wrong. Everything you do, every practice session, is helpful in its own way and moving you forward. Getting frustrated is counterproductive. As long as you keep at it, there’s no chance of moving back. Which brings me to my last tip…

Bonus: Just keep at it! and TRUST THE SYSTEM.

No matter what, keep on practicing. Push forward. and TRUST THE SYSTEM. It’s worked for countless other people (myself included), and it will work for you too. You just have to put in the time and stay open.

Hope you guys found these 4 tips useful! Stay tuned for more of my thoughts and insight on the fantastic Brain Evolution System!


p.s. – here’s that link to the free mp3 download again:


photo credit: Hat Meditation and Morning via photopin (license)

Level 3 Final Reflection: New Uses for the Brain Evolution System

Hi all! Been a while since I last updated the blog. Things have been going well with BrainEv- on days when I use it (most days) I notice a better ability to focus throughout the day, emotional renewal, more vivid dreams, and a slightly decreased need for sleep.

One thing I wanted to talk about as I near the end of Level 3 is that I’ve begun combining BrainEv with other personal development work I’ve been doing, specifically visualization practice. Since Levels 2 and 3 of BrainEv are particularly suited to facilitating vivid imagery and visualization, while I’m lying down and relaxing into my practice session is the perfect time to visualize goals I’d like to accomplish.

Although I’m not noticing any amazing states of mind from Level 3, I have no doubt that I’m still getting benefits daily from using Brain Evolution System. By combining it with other personal development work, I make it all the more worth my while. One thing I should experiment with as I near the end of Level 3 is varying the time of day at which I practice, to see if that brings me any different effects. Otherwise, I look forward to Level 4 beginning soon!

Level 3, Day 14: Reflection 3.2

So now that I’ve been using Level 3 consistently again for a few days, it’s time to do another reflection. I don’t have too many updates to do on how the actual practice sessions themselves are going, except for the following two points:

  • The overall contour of the sessions is starting to fall into a more regular pattern along the lines of Levels 1+2. I’m taking this to mean that my brain is adapting to the new unique things that Level 3 presents
  • My dreams have gotten EXTREMELY vivid lately, and this is definitely compounded with other work I’m doing on lucid dreaming, but I would not be surprised if Level 3 is somehow contributing to this

That being said, I’m not really experiencing the during-practice visualization that the Level 3 video said I might. I am getting a lot better at quieting my mind when first laying down for the session, which is a good skills to pick up especially for any future meditation practice I take on.

For now, things are neither amazing nor discouraging- I’m just going to keep on using the system and trusting that it’ll work out. It’s been a fantastic tool so far and a great supplement to all of my other self-development work, so I have high hopes for my continued progress throughout BrainEv.

Level 3, Days 9-10: Falling Off and Having Trouble

Hey BrainEv blog readers! I kinda fell off track with my BrainEv practice over the last week and a half or so, and I honestly lost track of days numbers too, so I’m gonna say that Sunday and yesterday were days 9 and 10.

Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been practicing often enough, but I ran into some difficulty, at least yesterday. After a pretty good start to the session, I was interrupted for a moment by my new roommate something like 15 or 20 minutes in, and after that I could not regain the deep state of mind I was in. I felt plenty relaxed, and didn’t have the best perception of time, but I was pretty alert/functioning. I wonder if this has to do with the beta brainwaves in Level 3.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed- often times somewhere in the first 5-10 minutes of a practice session with Level 3, my mind will be wandering/visualizing and suddenly something will come up (not sure if it’s thoughts that trigger this or just something random physically) and I’ll make a very sudden motion- like I’ll suddenly shoot my arm out or kick my leg or shift positions jerkily. Not sure what it is, but I’ve noticed it a couple times now 😛

I’ll get back on board with BrainEv over the coming weeks and make a vow to be consistent with my practice, in order to see the best results possible and report things to you guys as accurately as possible.

Level 3, Day 7: Reflection 3.1

So it’s now been (really, 7+ days) of doing Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System, which means it’s time for me to check in with how things are going, reflect on Level 3 so far, and think of some adjustments to make moving forward.

So far for me there have been three notable things about Level 3:

Emotions the Level 3 support video talks about how a lot of people feel a lot of emotions being brought up during this level, and I think that’s true for me. Its showing up in my everyday life, and in my dreams. My dreams seem to be doing a lot of emotional renewal for me lately, and as I’ve been going about my everyday life I feel more in touch with my feelings and at peace with them. If I notice sadness or loneliness, I feel okay with those things, which is really nice, actually.

Beta Brainwaves– The other interesting thing with Level 3 is the presence of beta-range brainwaves in the minor entrainment tier, which is somewhat counter-intuitive and new to this level. I think this is having a few effects: First, I feel refreshed and alert after each session, instead of groggy, which is nice. Secondly, I sometimes gain consciousness in the middle of my session, which is interesting.

Overall Contour– Finally, the overall pattern that my brainwaves seem to follow in this level is a little different. In both levels 1 and 2, I followed a pattern where it took 5-15 minutes to start entering a pretty deep state, stay mostly unconscious or at a deep state of relaxation for the middle of the program, then start to come out with 5 minutes or less left (or even 5 minutes AFTER the audio ended!). This level is a little different. It takes longer to “go under”, 10-20 minutes probably, and I stay under for 10-20 minutes (and in this level that feels like a REALLY long time for some reason), but start coming out earlier, usually with a couple minutes left in the audio.

Although there isn’t anything drastic happening aside from the emotional stuff, I’m enjoying Level 3 so far. Interested to see what new things will emerge as I get better trained to this level, so stay tuned!

Level 3, Days 1-3: Solid Start to the New Level!


Welcome to Level 3! I have to say, I’m super excited for this one. Even in just the first days of using it, I’m noticing that I get really locked in to the brainwaves which is awesome, come out of each session very well without feeling groggy, and I think Level 3 is having some effects on my sleep cycles as well, but I want to wait and observe that more before I comment on it too much.

One thing I find very interesting is that the minor tier brainwaves peak at beta for a while- I’m noticing that it takes me a little while longer to go really deep- about 10-15min of the session, but then I suddenly get very deep, and come out smoothly at the end of the session.

Level 3 apparently can cause a lot of visualization, which isn’t necessarily something that I’ve experienced yet, but I’ve found that it causes the same non-logic-checked thought patterns that I seem to have while I fall asleep, which is interesting. My dreams continue to be very vivid and easily memorable- no instances of lucidity recently though.

Overall, I’d say that so far Level 3 is very enjoyable- much more like Level 1 than Level 2. It’s different, which is refreshing, and my brain seems to adapt very well to the brainwaves (maybe because there’s a different audio technology used in this level, I dunno).

Definitely looking forward to the next 28 days!!

Level 2, Day 31: 2/7 DONE!!! :) (Reflection 2.4)

As BrainEv’s brainwave developer Michael Kelley says in the Level 2 video, “Level 2 is designed to increase your ability to deal with situations that interfere with your calm and focus”, and boy was that true for my last Level 2 practice last night- I practiced with my roommate and his friend watching TV semi-loudly in the same room! Obviously not ideal, but it was the only time I could get my practice in, and sure enough, after some initial struggling, I did reach a deep state of relaxation and didn’t notice the TV after the first 10 minutes or so.

My dreams have continued to be very vivid as I’ve been more consistent with my practice, which I find to be an enjoyable and interesting side effect.

As I reviewed my Level 2 posts, I can see the progress that I’m making over time. It’s remarkable to me how easy it is to use Level 2 now compared to the first week of using it. I’m also noticing a lot more coming out of my BrainEv sessions, like the visualizations and vivid dreams. I revisited my goals list from the end of Level 1, and wanted to reword/re-prioritize them a bit, as well as write how I think things are going with each:

  • Decrease stress levels and increase “being in a ‘flow state’” in my everyday life – I definitely feel a decrease in stress levels when using BrainEv, so progress is being made here!
  • Enable and support positive rewiring and reprogramming of my brain – I also feel like BrainEv is helping me make major strides on this goal as well
  • Reach and explore new, deeper states of relaxation and mind – Starting to get into this with the visualization/vivid dreams, and the sleep paralysis I experienced that one day. Hopefully Level 3 will bring more of this!
  • Open a new channel of awareness and free myself from my mind by “watching the thinker” (see Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”) – Can’t say I’ve focused much on this at all. Should do so moving forward.
  • Begin and boost a lifelong love and daily practice of meditation – This is starting to take shape!

Overall, Level 2 was an encouraging and fun experience, even though it took me WAYYYY too long to complete. Tomorrow I’m starting Level 3- can’t wait!!!


Level 2, Day 28: Vivid Dreams Return

Whoo! I only have 2 more days of practice and 1 day of reflection before I move on to Level 3- wow. This continues to be a really exciting journey for me, and I feel like I’m making good progress on my goal to start a lifelong love/habit of meditation.

Now that I’ve been practicing with the brainwaves a little more consistently again, I’m noticing a lot of the same things coming back into the picture: my brain is following the intended curves of the brainwaves a lot more closely (I come out of a deep state of mind at the end, guided by the brainwaves). I’m entering deep states of mind and staying there even in noisier environments. Also, most interestingly, my dreams are becoming very vivid again and my dream recall has improved again.

I haven’t noticed any lucidity in these dreams like I did a few weeks ago, but I bet that will come with a couple more days of practice. I think the effects of Level 2 on my dreams is absolutely fascinating.

Seeing as I’m getting really close, I’m very curious as to what Level 3 will effect in terms of my dreams, sleep paralysis, etc. We’ll see soon enough!

Level 2, Days 23-24: Revisiting the Blog

Hey all!

Just wanted to check in and say that I have been moving forward and doing my Level 2 practice, but lately it’s been tough to get myself to blog, and I have to say, I think that may be because I’m simply running out of things to say! At least half of my practice sessions at this point are nothing special, it feels like I’ve plateaued a bit.

Obviously there are instances where something interesting or of note happens, but some days it’s a struggle to write even two paragraphs about my practice without feeling like I’ve “said it all before”.

So I think what I’m going to do is refocus this blog to only make posts about the interesting practice sessions, and my reflections. I’m committing to post at least twice a week (if none of my practices are super interesting, I’ll pick the best one and write about it). Otherwise, I think I’m going to stop posting about every single session.

Let’s try this method for at least the rest of Level 2 and all of Level 3, and then we’ll reassess and see how it goes!

Level 2, Days 19-20: Sleep Practice

Life has been so incredibly busy lately, but I figured sleep practice and being exposed to the brainwaves is better than no practice, so I’ve done this two nights in a row now. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes of the audio to completely fall asleep.

The interesting thing about Level 2 sleep practice compared to Level 1 is that it leaves me in a very deep sleep, whereas Level 1 usually brought me out just enough so that I took my headphones out before falling asleep completely.

I remember having pretty vivid dreams last night, but believe it or not my dream recall is worse than usual. This might just be because I was so exhausted last night/this morning. Being well rested and getting plenty of sleep definitely helps my dream recall improve.

Tonight I’ll have a chance to relax and get a normal practice session in- that should help both my BrainEv practice, AND my dream recall as well.