My 4 Best Tips to Optimize the Brain Evolution System

While I don’t use this blog to post daily updates of my journey with the Brain Evolution System anymore (just to share advice and strategy posts like this one), a lot of interested readers still stumble upon this site and have questions for me about BrainEv, if it’s right for them, and how they can make the most out of their experience.

First off, to get the “is it right for me” question out of the way first- the best way to know is to try it for yourself! That’s why they offer a free mp3 version of Level I on their website, and I’d highly encourage you to start by downloading it, putting on some headphones, and blissing out for a little while. But besides that, here are a few questions that might help you know if making the purchase is right for you:

  • Are you interested in trying out or regularly practicing meditation but don’t know where to start?
  • Does trying to meditate feel frustrating to you? Do you have trouble quieting your mind?
  • Would you rather practice mediation privately on your own time as opposed to going to a Transcendental Meditation or similar teacher to learn?

I mention those three specifically because they’re exactly what lead me to BrainEv, and I haven’t looked back since. It enabled me to start a regular meditation practice that felt effortless and fulfilling, and now that I’ve “graduated” the system (more than once over), I alternate between using it and exploring other practices of meditation.

But moving on- let’s talk about what to do once you have the program:

My 4 Best Tips to Optimize the Brain Evolution System

1. Prepare your environment

This is probably familiar advice if you’ve read books on meditation before- make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and that you can take some time to focus inwardly and not be worried about what’s going on around you. Turn the phone off, shut the laptop, etc. etc.

I’d take that advice a step further.

With BrainEv, it’s good to experiment with your environment. Will you enjoy using it most in a lightened room, or a darkened room?  Using a sleep mask?Sitting up or laying down? In your bedroom? Living room? Outside?

That being said- the traditional part of this tip about avoiding distractions is key too. If you read through my old journal, you’ll find a few instances where my roommate coming home or my neighbors blasting loud music interrupted my practice session.

2. Experiment with different times of day

Similarly in the spirit of experimentation, playing around with WHEN in the day you use BrainEv is important and can be massively beneficial. Do you practice first thing upon awakening? Or slip the headphones on while you’re still in bed and half-asleep? You could use it on your lunch break, after work, or when you’re back in bed falling asleep.Brain Evolution System in the Morning

Maybe one time of day seems to make you fall asleep during the session and you feel like you’re missing the benefit (this could also just mean that sleep is what’s most beneficial for your body at that moment). Maybe other times of day leave you more refreshed than others, or provide the most stress-relief benefit.

Keeping a journal will help you analyze these shifts based on time of day and help you make informed decisions about when to practice. Even when you have found your preferences, still play around with it sometimes- you’ll get different benefits from practicing before falling asleep then you will early in the morning! Why not get the full range of effects the Brain Evolution System could bring?

3. Have a plan

Like Tip #1, this is also a multi-faceted one. There are three plans to have when crafting your BrainEv practice: scheduling your sessions out, a post-session plan, and an “early session” plan.

First, it’s important to think ahead and plot out time on your calendar to use the Brain Evolution System. If you just say to yourself “I’ll get to it when I get a chance today”, chances are you’ll never actually practice. Make sure to be deliberate and intentional when scheduling your practice time.

Secondly- and this isn’t something that the BrainEv authors have ever talked about, but I found it useful in my personal practice- pick a meditative technique with which to start your session. Especially in the early levels, while your brain is getting acclimated to the brainwaves, it can take a little while to reach that deep relaxing state. During that time, choose a technique to focus your attention on. That could be mentally repeating a mantra or affirmation, or just focusing on your breath in and out.

brainev meditationFinally, just in case you fall asleep during your session, it’s probably worth it to plan ahead and set an alarm for a few minutes after the audio ends, or put a calm and appropriate song on a playlist after your BrainEv audio.

4. Take it easy on yourself

Finally, take it easy on yourself. Especially for that first month or two (or three), you might sometimes feel like you aren’t “doing it right”. You’re having trouble quieting your mind, or keep falling asleep, or otherwise think that you’re somehow “failing” at the Brain Evolution System. (ha!)

Realize that this is an awfully silly fault- you’re learning to meditate, there is nothing to do right or do wrong. Everything you do, every practice session, is helpful in its own way and moving you forward. Getting frustrated is counterproductive. As long as you keep at it, there’s no chance of moving back. Which brings me to my last tip…

Bonus: Just keep at it! and TRUST THE SYSTEM.

No matter what, keep on practicing. Push forward. and TRUST THE SYSTEM. It’s worked for countless other people (myself included), and it will work for you too. You just have to put in the time and stay open.

Hope you guys found these 4 tips useful! Stay tuned for more of my thoughts and insight on the fantastic Brain Evolution System!


p.s. – here’s that link to the free mp3 download again:


photo credit: Hat Meditation and Morning via photopin (license)

Level 2, Days 23-24: Revisiting the Blog

Hey all!

Just wanted to check in and say that I have been moving forward and doing my Level 2 practice, but lately it’s been tough to get myself to blog, and I have to say, I think that may be because I’m simply running out of things to say! At least half of my practice sessions at this point are nothing special, it feels like I’ve plateaued a bit.

Obviously there are instances where something interesting or of note happens, but some days it’s a struggle to write even two paragraphs about my practice without feeling like I’ve “said it all before”.

So I think what I’m going to do is refocus this blog to only make posts about the interesting practice sessions, and my reflections. I’m committing to post at least twice a week (if none of my practices are super interesting, I’ll pick the best one and write about it). Otherwise, I think I’m going to stop posting about every single session.

Let’s try this method for at least the rest of Level 2 and all of Level 3, and then we’ll reassess and see how it goes!

Level 1, Day 31: Level 1 Graduation

Today I “graduate” from Level 1. I feel pretty accomplished- it took way longer than a month, and I’m only seeing a sliver of progress on my goals, but I know that things are working for me and I can’t wait to see what Level 2 holds.

I spent my final reflection day to just read every blog post I’ve written during Level 1. I know I didn’t write a post every day, but I want to get better with maintaining this blog during Level 2 and also make some improvements to the design/layout/etc.

I also revisited my listing of goals, and based on some of my other practices/readings right now, as well as my life circumstances (I’ve been struggling with anxiety at my sales job), I’ve made a few changes. I deleted the goal to improve cognitive functioning (just not as important right now), added a new one about unlocking new dimensions of awareness, and otherwise tweaked/reworked the existing ones.

So now, my (semi-prioritized) list of goals is as follows:

  • Open a new channel of awareness and free myself from my mind by “watching the thinker” (see Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”)
  • Decrease stress levels and increase “being in a ‘flow state’” in my everyday life
  • Enable and support positive rewiring and reprogramming of my brain
  • Reach and explore new, deeper states of relaxation and mind
  • Begin and boost a lifelong love and daily practice of meditation

Can’t wait to see what Level 2 will hold for me. I’ll check in tomorrow after my first brainwave practice!

What is this blog/Brain Evolution System?

Hey there and welcome to my personal blog of my Brain Evolution System journey! The BrainEv system is a brainwave entrainment audio program that assists newbies with easily reaching deep levels of meditation and improving cognitive function. For more about it, I’d encourage you to check out their website.

On this site I kept a journal on my daily experiences going through Levels I through III of BrainEv (there are seven overall!), and although I don’t write the personal journal posts any more, I continue to use the system (and love it) and write here to share tips on making the most of it and how to optimize your BrainEv experience.

If this is your first time on the site, I’d recommend taking two steps to get started: 

brain evolution system meditation mp3

  1. Head to the Brain Evolution System website and grab a free mp3 download so that you can briefly try it out for yourself first!
  2. Head to my Level I journal and start reading about my experience and the ups and downs of journeying through the whole system.


re: falling asleep

I was curious, so I did some digging around the BrainEv forums and found lotsof great threads on falling asleep.

The general consensus is that while falling asleep isn’t bad, it is better if you’re able to stay awake. Good to know that I’m not ruining everything by falling asleep! I’ll experiment with leaving light on or different times of day, and the forums also gave me two other ideas to play around with- sitting up instead of laying down, or holding something that i can notice if i drop it.

As was also pointed out, for all I know, I’m not falling asleep at all- just at a different level of consciousness that my brain hasn’t quite adjusted yet. One thing that was repeated in almost all of the threads was that my brain will adjust over time, so just keep pressing forwards.


Prepping for my Brain Evolution System Journey

Hey all- first off, I’m gonna give you a one sentence introduction to myself: I’m Ryan, I’m a music industry professional (in various roles), entrepreneur, and “self-improvement” nut.

On this website I’ll be blogging through my experience with the Brain Evolution System, which is a brainwave entrainment program designed to help “learn meditation” and bring about other positive changes in your life. Every day after my 30 minutes with the program, I’ll make a quick blog post letting you know my day’s experience, and once a week I’ll make a longer post detailing my perceived progress. So stay tuned!

It’d be awesome to get some other people doing this with me as well, so if you hit up their website, you can get a free MP3 download of the beginning of the program so we can try it out together.

So- how did I prep for Day 1?

Well, besides reading the User Guide that comes with the program, Brain Evolution System also has a SWEET support website with all sorts of extra videos, explanations, FAQs, what have you. So, to kick myself off, I watch the Level 1 explanation video (below) to get a little more insight into what was about to go on.

headphones for meditation mp3Other than that, I clicked around their forums a bit, and then prepped myself to put my headphones on (as a DJ and audio engineer, I have some pretty sweet over-the-ear headphones that aren’t too expensive actually- check out the Sennheiser HD-205s) and let go of my thoughts.

So how’d it go? Stay tuned for the first post to find out… (and also grab the mp3 and join me!)