Level 1, Day 4: About the Same

Today was Day 4 of Level 1 with the Brain Evolution System, and honestly it was about the same to report as yesterday.

Left the lights on, was awake for about the first 5-7 minutes and the last 10, and was in a deep state or sleep or something in between. Had problems quieting my mind- I seem to have a lot of thoughts that want to zoom around!

Only interesting/different thing today was that my sense of time was kinda off- at one point I thought that things must be near over, so I opened my eyes to check the time and I still had 9 minutes left! I also experienced a lot of twitching about 5 minutes in.

Otherwise, no new news to report. I’ll keep on working at it and (hopefully) keep progressing forward with my meditations!

To join me (never too late!) head over to the BrainEv website for a free mp3!

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