Level 2, Day 10: Afternoon Nap

I didn’t sleep very well last night- my dreams were bothering me to the point where I decided to just wake up early, even though it was the weekend and I was looking forward to sleeping. So, when it came time after lunch to lay down and do my BrainEv practice, I knew there was a pretty good chance that I’d end up falling asleep.

Sure enough, I did! hahaha

At this point, I’m not too upset about falling asleep, because it’s been hard enough to do during Level 2. Obviously, after this week I’m hoping to adjust to the brainwaves and schedule my practice sessions better so that I don’t fall asleep so much, but for now I’m okay with it.

I was awake for probably the first 5 minutes of the session, and then I stayed asleep for a good 10-20min after the audio ended. I didn’t wake up feeling super refreshed, I was still a bit groggy, but now I’m back on my feet and going again.

Hopefully tomorrow’s practice will be more conscious and deliberate and I’ll have more exciting news to share!

2 thoughts on “Level 2, Day 10: Afternoon Nap

  1. Hello Ryan,

    Thanks so much for writing this blog. Reading this I think will be more beneficial to me than I will ever know. We will see.

    I’m considering starting this program. My focus is using this for Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming. Through doing research I ended up at your site.

    The fact that you have these visualizations during your meditation are the exact results that Lucid Dreamers try to create when using a technique called WILD.

    Is it possible for me to ask you a couple of questions via email? I would highly highly appreciate it. acquire4@aol.com



    • Thanks for your comment Regina! I had actually never thought about the connection between lucid dreaming and BrainEv, but now that you mention it, I have been having much more vivid dreams lately, recalling them easily, and might even be starting to experience some vague degree of control over them. I bet BrainEv would be an excellent lucid dreaming aid!

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