Level 1, Day 5: Pushed Back

Today was Day 5 of Level 1 with the Brain Evolution System.

I did my practice a little later in the day- had a busy afternoon, so a little after dinner I went into my room, turned on the Level 1 audio (download here), and closed my eyes.

I spent more time asleep during my practice than I have the past two days, so that felt like a bit of a step back, but it’s probably just because I practiced later in the day AND after dinner.

Crazy to think that I only have one more day of listening to the audios, then a day of reflection to finish off week one!

This is a fun journey so far- I’d definitely encourage you to join me by grabbing this free mp3.

Level 1, Day 4: About the Same

Today was Day 4 of Level 1 with the Brain Evolution System, and honestly it was about the same to report as yesterday.

Left the lights on, was awake for about the first 5-7 minutes and the last 10, and was in a deep state or sleep or something in between. Had problems quieting my mind- I seem to have a lot of thoughts that want to zoom around!

Only interesting/different thing today was that my sense of time was kinda off- at one point I thought that things must be near over, so I opened my eyes to check the time and I still had 9 minutes left! I also experienced a lot of twitching about 5 minutes in.

Otherwise, no new news to report. I’ll keep on working at it and (hopefully) keep progressing forward with my meditations!

To join me (never too late!) head over to the BrainEv website for a free mp3!

What is this blog/Brain Evolution System?

Hey there and welcome to my personal blog of my Brain Evolution System journey! The BrainEv system is a brainwave entrainment audio program that assists newbies with easily reaching deep levels of meditation and improving cognitive function. For more about it, I’d encourage you to check out their website.

On this site I kept a journal on my daily experiences going through Levels I through III of BrainEv (there are seven overall!), and although I don’t write the personal journal posts any more, I continue to use the system (and love it) and write here to share tips on making the most of it and how to optimize your BrainEv experience.

If this is your first time on the site, I’d recommend taking two steps to get started: 

brain evolution system meditation mp3

  1. Head to the Brain Evolution System website and grab a free mp3 download so that you can briefly try it out for yourself first!
  2. Head to my Level I journal and start reading about my experience and the ups and downs of journeying through the whole system.


Level 1, Day 3: Adjustment Success! (kinda)

Today was Day 3 of Level 1 in my journey with the Brain Evolution SystemThe past two days I’ve been struggling with unwanted falling asleep during my practice, and today I’m happy to report that I’ve made an improvement in that area!

Two things helped me to stay awake today:

  • I took a REALLY long nap this afternoon (was travelling today, so it was a freebie)
  • I kept the lights on while practicing

I practiced at the same time of day as usual (~5PM), so tomorrow I’ll practice earlier in the day instead of taking a nap, but overall things went well.

I was definitely awake and aware for the first 10 minutes and the last 5-8 minutes of the practice, but there was a nice section in the middle where I had reached a pretty deep level of relaxation and wasn’t really consciously aware (but I don’t think I actually fell asleep either). I naturally came out of the deep state near the end of the audio for the first time (as I should), which was nice.

The only downside was that during those periods of being well-alert, it was really hard to empty my mind of thoughts and create a space/stillness. Obviously this is only Day 3, so I have a lot of time to work on that (10x this, PLUS 6 more levels!), but it was indeed a challenge today.

If you’d like to try things out with me, it’s definitely not too late to grab yourself a free mp3 and come along for the ride!

re: falling asleep

I was curious, so I did some digging around the BrainEv forums and found lotsof great threads on falling asleep.

The general consensus is that while falling asleep isn’t bad, it is better if you’re able to stay awake. Good to know that I’m not ruining everything by falling asleep! I’ll experiment with leaving light on or different times of day, and the forums also gave me two other ideas to play around with- sitting up instead of laying down, or holding something that i can notice if i drop it.

As was also pointed out, for all I know, I’m not falling asleep at all- just at a different level of consciousness that my brain hasn’t quite adjusted yet. One thing that was repeated in almost all of the threads was that my brain will adjust over time, so just keep pressing forwards.


Level 1, Day 2: More sleep? Plus an interesting moment

Seems like for the majority of today’s 30 minutes with the Brain Evolution System, I fell asleep again.

I stretched, laid down on my bed, and began to watch my thoughts dissolve as they came up. After 2-3 minutes, there were a few moments where my mind was legitimately quiet, which was nice, and then within 5-6 minutes of starting the audio, I fell asleep.

A strange/cool thing happened though- I woke up for a few minutes somewhere in the middle of the audio, and felt as if I weren’t laying down in my bed at all. It felt like I was sitting up at my desk and just had my eyes closed, and it took me a minute to register that no, I was indeed laying down in bed. It was a cool sensation.

But yeah, otherwise, I had an alarm wake me up, so I didn’t really sleep past the audio.

My ideas for fixing my “falling asleep” problem are as follows:

  • just keep going
  • not practice in a darkened room (although the FAQs suggest it being dark)
  • practice at different times of day (maybe in the morning)

I’ll experiment with those soon and we’ll see how it goes. Until then, you can always join me- just grab the free mp3!

Level 1, Day 1: Drifting off… too far :P

After making sure I was prepared, stretching a bit, and a false start, I finally laid down in bed with my headphones on and Level 1: Transcendence going. I worked on letting my thoughts go and watching them dissipate as they came up for a little while, and began feeling myself enter into a deeper state of relaxation as I became less aware of thoughts, and then…

I fell asleep.

Although this has ALWAYS, CHRONICALLY happened to me in the past when using meditation/hypnosis audios, I had a power-nap just a little while before using BrainEv so I thought I’d be in the clear. Hopefully my brain will adjust over the course of level 1 and I won’t sleep through everything every day 😛

Brain Evolution System sleepI obviously don’t have exact times, but I’d estimate I was fully awake for at least the first 10 minutes of the audio, and slept 10-20 minutes past the end of it. When I woke up, it took about 2 minutes to get fully awake again, but once I was, I was up and at ‘em right away.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

To join me in trying this out, grab a free download from the Brain Evolution System!

Prepping for my Brain Evolution System Journey

Hey all- first off, I’m gonna give you a one sentence introduction to myself: I’m Ryan, I’m a music industry professional (in various roles), entrepreneur, and “self-improvement” nut.

On this website I’ll be blogging through my experience with the Brain Evolution System, which is a brainwave entrainment program designed to help “learn meditation” and bring about other positive changes in your life. Every day after my 30 minutes with the program, I’ll make a quick blog post letting you know my day’s experience, and once a week I’ll make a longer post detailing my perceived progress. So stay tuned!

It’d be awesome to get some other people doing this with me as well, so if you hit up their website, you can get a free MP3 download of the beginning of the program so we can try it out together.

So- how did I prep for Day 1?

Well, besides reading the User Guide that comes with the program, Brain Evolution System also has a SWEET support website with all sorts of extra videos, explanations, FAQs, what have you. So, to kick myself off, I watch the Level 1 explanation video (below) to get a little more insight into what was about to go on.

headphones for meditation mp3Other than that, I clicked around their forums a bit, and then prepped myself to put my headphones on (as a DJ and audio engineer, I have some pretty sweet over-the-ear headphones that aren’t too expensive actually- check out the Sennheiser HD-205s) and let go of my thoughts.

So how’d it go? Stay tuned for the first post to find out… (and also grab the mp3 and join me!)