Level 1, Day 7: Reflection 1.1

Seeing as today marked the end of my first “week” with the Brain Evolution System, it was time to take an intentional day off from using the audio and instead spend my daily 30 minutes in self-reflection. I first reflected on my goals for using the program, then spent 10 minutes in silent meditation, and then sat down to write this blog post and some other personal writings on my progress so far.

Here are the goals I came up with for using the BrainEv system:

  • Begin and boost a lifelong love and daily practice of meditation
  • Decrease stress levels and increase “being in a ‘flow state’” in my everyday life
  • Enable and support positive rewiring and reprogramming of my brain
  • Reach and explore new, deeper states of mind
  • Increase/enhance cognitive functioning

These self-reflection days will be especially great if I use them to practice longer and longer periods of silent mindfulness meditation. Right now 10 minutes seems like a long time and I get frustrated with how pervasive my thoughts are, but after 6 months of practice I’m sure that I’ll get very good at it, plus I’ll have developed a habit where EVERY DAY I spend 30 minutes to myself in some sort of meditative state.

Otherwise, I think my biggest challenge moving forward will be staying consistent in my practice, which I have full faith that I can. It wasn’t an INCREDIBLE first week, but I feel encouraged, and think that plenty of amazing things lie ahead not just in the next week, or even Level 1, but in the entire program.

If you want to come join me on this journey, BrainEv offers a free MP3 of their program for you to try out! Grab it here.

Level 1, Day 3: Adjustment Success! (kinda)

Today was Day 3 of Level 1 in my journey with the Brain Evolution SystemThe past two days I’ve been struggling with unwanted falling asleep during my practice, and today I’m happy to report that I’ve made an improvement in that area!

Two things helped me to stay awake today:

  • I took a REALLY long nap this afternoon (was travelling today, so it was a freebie)
  • I kept the lights on while practicing

I practiced at the same time of day as usual (~5PM), so tomorrow I’ll practice earlier in the day instead of taking a nap, but overall things went well.

I was definitely awake and aware for the first 10 minutes and the last 5-8 minutes of the practice, but there was a nice section in the middle where I had reached a pretty deep level of relaxation and wasn’t really consciously aware (but I don’t think I actually fell asleep either). I naturally came out of the deep state near the end of the audio for the first time (as I should), which was nice.

The only downside was that during those periods of being well-alert, it was really hard to empty my mind of thoughts and create a space/stillness. Obviously this is only Day 3, so I have a lot of time to work on that (10x this, PLUS 6 more levels!), but it was indeed a challenge today.

If you’d like to try things out with me, it’s definitely not too late to grab yourself a free mp3 and come along for the ride!

re: falling asleep

I was curious, so I did some digging around the BrainEv forums and found lotsof great threads on falling asleep.

The general consensus is that while falling asleep isn’t bad, it is better if you’re able to stay awake. Good to know that I’m not ruining everything by falling asleep! I’ll experiment with leaving light on or different times of day, and the forums also gave me two other ideas to play around with- sitting up instead of laying down, or holding something that i can notice if i drop it.

As was also pointed out, for all I know, I’m not falling asleep at all- just at a different level of consciousness that my brain hasn’t quite adjusted yet. One thing that was repeated in almost all of the threads was that my brain will adjust over time, so just keep pressing forwards.


Level 1, Day 2: More sleep? Plus an interesting moment

Seems like for the majority of today’s 30 minutes with the Brain Evolution System, I fell asleep again.

I stretched, laid down on my bed, and began to watch my thoughts dissolve as they came up. After 2-3 minutes, there were a few moments where my mind was legitimately quiet, which was nice, and then within 5-6 minutes of starting the audio, I fell asleep.

A strange/cool thing happened though- I woke up for a few minutes somewhere in the middle of the audio, and felt as if I weren’t laying down in my bed at all. It felt like I was sitting up at my desk and just had my eyes closed, and it took me a minute to register that no, I was indeed laying down in bed. It was a cool sensation.

But yeah, otherwise, I had an alarm wake me up, so I didn’t really sleep past the audio.

My ideas for fixing my “falling asleep” problem are as follows:

  • just keep going
  • not practice in a darkened room (although the FAQs suggest it being dark)
  • practice at different times of day (maybe in the morning)

I’ll experiment with those soon and we’ll see how it goes. Until then, you can always join me- just grab the free mp3!