Level 1, Day 1: Drifting off… too far :P

After making sure I was prepared, stretching a bit, and a false start, I finally laid down in bed with my headphones on and Level 1: Transcendence going. I worked on letting my thoughts go and watching them dissipate as they came up for a little while, and began feeling myself enter into a deeper state of relaxation as I became less aware of thoughts, and then…

I fell asleep.

Although this has ALWAYS, CHRONICALLY happened to me in the past when using meditation/hypnosis audios, I had a power-nap just a little while before using BrainEv so I thought I’d be in the clear. Hopefully my brain will adjust over the course of level 1 and I won’t sleep through everything every day 😛

Brain Evolution System sleepI obviously don’t have exact times, but I’d estimate I was fully awake for at least the first 10 minutes of the audio, and slept 10-20 minutes past the end of it. When I woke up, it took about 2 minutes to get fully awake again, but once I was, I was up and at ‘em right away.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

To join me in trying this out, grab a free download from the Brain Evolution System!

Prepping for my Brain Evolution System Journey

Hey all- first off, I’m gonna give you a one sentence introduction to myself: I’m Ryan, I’m a music industry professional (in various roles), entrepreneur, and “self-improvement” nut.

On this website I’ll be blogging through my experience with the Brain Evolution System, which is a brainwave entrainment program designed to help “learn meditation” and bring about other positive changes in your life. Every day after my 30 minutes with the program, I’ll make a quick blog post letting you know my day’s experience, and once a week I’ll make a longer post detailing my perceived progress. So stay tuned!

It’d be awesome to get some other people doing this with me as well, so if you hit up their website, you can get a free MP3 download of the beginning of the program so we can try it out together.

So- how did I prep for Day 1?

Well, besides reading the User Guide that comes with the program, Brain Evolution System also has a SWEET support website with all sorts of extra videos, explanations, FAQs, what have you. So, to kick myself off, I watch the Level 1 explanation video (below) to get a little more insight into what was about to go on.

headphones for meditation mp3Other than that, I clicked around their forums a bit, and then prepped myself to put my headphones on (as a DJ and audio engineer, I have some pretty sweet over-the-ear headphones that aren’t too expensive actually- check out the Sennheiser HD-205s) and let go of my thoughts.

So how’d it go? Stay tuned for the first post to find out… (and also grab the mp3 and join me!)