Level 2, Days 19-20: Sleep Practice

Life has been so incredibly busy lately, but I figured sleep practice and being exposed to the brainwaves is better than no practice, so I’ve done this two nights in a row now. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes of the audio to completely fall asleep.

The interesting thing about Level 2 sleep practice compared to Level 1 is that it leaves me in a very deep sleep, whereas Level 1 usually brought me out just enough so that I took my headphones out before falling asleep completely.

I remember having pretty vivid dreams last night, but believe it or not my dream recall is worse than usual. This might just be because I was so exhausted last night/this morning. Being well rested and getting plenty of sleep definitely helps my dream recall improve.

Tonight I’ll have a chance to relax and get a normal practice session in- that should help both my BrainEv practice, AND my dream recall as well.

Level 2, Day 9: Imagery before Sleep

Yesterday night I had to do a sleep practice, as it was unavoidable, but as it turns out my initial fear of doing sleep practice for Level 2 were completely unfounded- it’s actually suggested in the Level 2 explanation video, as I found out two days ago!

Of course, it did take me a good couple of minutes to get relaxed and start to fall asleep, but as I was doing so, I had increasingly vivid/interesting visualizations as the brainwaves took me deeper, something I knew was a possibility thanks to the explanation video. In fact, I’ve noticed that in general I always tend to have nonsensical visualizations JUST before falling asleep, and I can use them as a reliable sign that I’m about to fall asleep, but these were just a little more vivid/I was more consciously aware of them.

After that, I have no idea how the rest of the session went- I fell asleep and never woke up again as I would during Level 1 sleep training. I woke up (get this) exactly a minute before my alarm was to go off, realizing that my headphones were still plugged into my phone and I was initially worried that I hadn’t heard my alarm and had overslept by an hour or something. Nope- I woke myself up literally 60 seconds before it went off. Good morning!

Level 2, Day 2: Sleep practice a bad idea?

I think I’m going to try and avoid sleeptime practice for as much of Level 2 as possible. Of course, sometimes it’ll be impossible to avoid (as it was yesterday). In those cases, it’s better to get my practice in than to not, but because of the unique goals of Level 2 that I wrote about in my last post, sleep practice won’t be nearly as beneficial (unlike Level 1).

That being said, last night I did do sleeptime practice, and it went just fine. I put on the audio and fell asleep after about 5 minutes. I must not have come out of it, because I never remember taking out my headphones before just straight up falling asleep. I also woke up VERY tired this morning, so maybe that’s connected somehow- either I was super tired going into it, or the brainwaves somehow messed up my sleep, who knows.

At any rate, I’ll be sure to do a regular practice for Day 3 and keep it that way moving forward. Onwards with Level 2!

Level 1, Day 27: more of the same (sleep practice)

Don’t have much to say about last night’s practice- went the same as usual for sleep practice. I had to use my big headphones for the night (my Sennheiser HD-205s), so that was less comfortable than using earbuds because I don’t have as much flexibility with sleeping position, but overall everything worked out okay. Hopefully I’ll have some more interesting things to say tomorrow- only 3 more days of actual practice in Level 1!!! Ah!! so exciting

Level 1, Days 16-25: Moving Forward!

Just wanted to check in and say that I AM alive and yes I AM still moving forward with BrainEv (although I missed a few days).

There’s been once or twice that I’ve practiced early evening when I get home from work, but otherwise it’s been a lot of turning it on as I get in bed for the night. The same pattern always happens- takes me about 5 minutes or so to go “under”, I’m in a deep state of relaxation throughout, but not asleep, and then by the end of the audio I’m awake enough again to realize the audio has ended, take my headphones out, and head back to sleep easily.

That’s so awesome, considering that I used to always fall fully asleep during the audio and sleep past the ending as well. Now even if it’s actually bedtime, my brainwaves are entrained to the BrainEv Level 1 audio!

Anyways, I’ll make sure I’m doing daily blogs here as I approach the end of Level 1 and the start of new things! :O


Level 1, Day 15: Sleep Practice

Man! Life has gotten so busy since starting my full time job, and I almost missed BrainEv practice for like the 5th time today, so what did I do?

Following a suggestion I read on the BrainEv website, I just used the audio as I got in bed to fall asleep. Slightly different type of practice, but it’s still practice and I’m still progressing/benefiting.

What was interesting was that my level of consciousness followed the same pattern it usually does during Level I- I was awake for a few minutes at first, wasn’t consciously aware for the entire middle, and then came up again at the end. So I didn’t really fall asleep on the audio, as evidenced by my waking up, which was perfect for me to take my headphones out and fall right back asleep.

Otherwise nothing too interesting to report about this practice. I bet using BrainEv could be a great way to fall asleep for people who have trouble doing so- if that’s you, definitely download the free mp3 and try using that to fall asleep.

Level 1, Day 12: EXHAUSTION

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have put that title up in all caps. I wasn’t THAT exhausted.

Today was my first day at my new job- I’m doing sales at a big startup in Boston- and when I got home, I was wiped. Not only was I tired, but I also had a pretty bad headache.

Perfect time to unwind and relax with BrainEv!

So I settled down, put on my headphones, and after spending a few minutes awake and relaxing, fell asleep for the duration of my practice and a bit afterwards as well (like 5-10min past the end of the audio). It may not have been an amazing practice in terms of Brain Evolution System (although remember, falling asleep doesn’t mean I’m getting nothing out of it!), but it was exactly what my body/mind needed today.

I think as I adjust to my new job and work schedule, and learn how to better maximize my energy throughout the day, I’ll continue to improve with BrainEv. So far, so good- really enjoying the program.

Level 1, Day 10: Peaceful Sleep

Well, today my Brain Evolution System practice wasn’t interrupted by loud music downstairs (yay!), but I DID sleep through just about the whole thing.

I did get a little less sleep than usual last night, so that definitely could have something to do with it. I’m hoping it’s not just the time of day when I’m practicing though (a little after 6PM), because with a full-time work schedule coming up that will probably be my regular practice time for the next six months!

Bummer too, because I was REALLY looking forward to today’s session (although all-in-all I guess it still was enjoyable hahaha), and I remember having some very interesting visualizations before falling asleep. In hindsight, that was probably a signal that I WAS going to fall asleep (I have a thing where I start visualizing/thinking crazy things right before I actually fall asleep).

Anyways, tomorrow’s another day! Grab a free mp3 of the BrainEv system here.

Level 1, Day 5: Pushed Back

Today was Day 5 of Level 1 with the Brain Evolution System.

I did my practice a little later in the day- had a busy afternoon, so a little after dinner I went into my room, turned on the Level 1 audio (download here), and closed my eyes.

I spent more time asleep during my practice than I have the past two days, so that felt like a bit of a step back, but it’s probably just because I practiced later in the day AND after dinner.

Crazy to think that I only have one more day of listening to the audios, then a day of reflection to finish off week one!

This is a fun journey so far- I’d definitely encourage you to join me by grabbing this free mp3.

re: falling asleep

I was curious, so I did some digging around the BrainEv forums and found lotsof great threads on falling asleep.

The general consensus is that while falling asleep isn’t bad, it is better if you’re able to stay awake. Good to know that I’m not ruining everything by falling asleep! I’ll experiment with leaving light on or different times of day, and the forums also gave me two other ideas to play around with- sitting up instead of laying down, or holding something that i can notice if i drop it.

As was also pointed out, for all I know, I’m not falling asleep at all- just at a different level of consciousness that my brain hasn’t quite adjusted yet. One thing that was repeated in almost all of the threads was that my brain will adjust over time, so just keep pressing forwards.