Level 3, Days 9-10: Falling Off and Having Trouble

Hey BrainEv blog readers! I kinda fell off track with my BrainEv practice over the last week and a half or so, and I honestly lost track of days numbers too, so I’m gonna say that Sunday and yesterday were days 9 and 10.

Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been practicing often enough, but I ran into some difficulty, at least yesterday. After a pretty good start to the session, I was interrupted for a moment by my new roommate something like 15 or 20 minutes in, and after that I could not regain the deep state of mind I was in. I felt plenty relaxed, and didn’t have the best perception of time, but I was pretty alert/functioning. I wonder if this has to do with the beta brainwaves in Level 3.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed- often times somewhere in the first 5-10 minutes of a practice session with Level 3, my mind will be wandering/visualizing and suddenly something will come up (not sure if it’s thoughts that trigger this or just something random physically) and I’ll make a very sudden motion- like I’ll suddenly shoot my arm out or kick my leg or shift positions jerkily. Not sure what it is, but I’ve noticed it a couple times now 😛

I’ll get back on board with BrainEv over the coming weeks and make a vow to be consistent with my practice, in order to see the best results possible and report things to you guys as accurately as possible.

Level 2, Days 12-14: New Mental State Unlocked!

Hey folks- sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged! Days 12 and 13 were pretty standard sleep practice- it would take me a few minutes, but once I was under I drifted off to sleep pretty easily and never even woke up at the end of the session to get my headphones/phone out of bed.

Today was a really awesome practice- out of all my BrainEv practice sessions thus far I think it was the most interesting mental state I’ve attained yet.

I laid down for my practice feeling pretty tired, thinking that today’s session might just turn into a nap. I was using my nice big headphones (Sennheiser HD-205s), and had the volume on a little louder than usual. My mind started off a bit busy, and thoughts gradually shifted into those sorts of odd visualizations that I have before sleep- nonsensical, sometimes funny, and as one commenter here has pointed out, maybe a gateway into lucid dreaming. They weren’t particularly vivid or memorable today, but they were present and I was aware of them.

Something interesting happened though- midway through the session, I definitely wasn’t asleep, but I was still aware at some level. Usually when I reach the deepest parts of the session, I’m not even aware at that point, I’m pretty much unconscious. Today, I maintained some degree of consciousness, which was very interesting!

That effect, though, was in strongest force AFTER the session had ended- I decided that since I had been feeling tired and hadn’t fallen asleep during practice that I would just stay right where I was and nap for a bit. Except…I still didn’t fully fall asleep. My physical body was completely shut down, I felt like I couldn’t move (although I didn’t really try to/want to), but my mind was still somewhat conscious! Not fully, but I was definitely present. It was a strange sensation, I felt like my mind was separate/detached from my body, almost like a vague out of body experience. I stayed there just relaxing/vaguely thinking/napping for 15 minutes, although it felt like much longer.

At any rate, it was a fascinating sensation that made my practice all the more interesting today. I do feel like BrainEv is opening me up to those same levels of mind that are used in things like lucid dreaming or out of body experiences, so I’m even more excited now to continue progressing with it!

Level 1, Day 26: Altered Sleep Training

Day 26- another sleep training session (and Day 27 probably will be too :P), but the difference last night was that I was much more awake than usual. I had taken a wakefulness pill that morning, and knew that although I would be able to sleep, I wouldn’t need to as badly as I usually do.

So my Brain Evolution System practice was interesting- I had a lot of strange visualizations and thoughts flying around for about the first half of my practice, and for the second half I was in a more deeply relaxed state. This breaks my usual pattern of 5-10 minutes to relax, 15-20 “under”, and 2-5 minutes coming out. Oh and also, when I unplugged my headphones, I dropped my phone out of the bed (I have a lofted bed) so I had to get out of bed to turn my alarm off this morning 😛

So anyways, it was an interesting practice session, but I can’t stop emphasizing how much I’m loving BrainEv right now- truly enjoyable, and well worth the almost one month it took to get to this point.

Right on!

Level 1, Day 13: Dreaming through a Thunderstorm

Had a very interesting practice session today..

There was a loud thunderstorm outside while I practiced, which created a pretty cool environment to meditate in (and it probably also helped me stay awake). I stayed awake the entire time, which was an improvement over the past few days, and reach deep states of mind in the middle too.

Throughout most of the time where I was more conscious, I had “dreams” (even though this isn’t REM sleep)- i guess “visualizations” would be a better word. I had vivid dreams last night while I slept too, so maybe some of that was carrying over. I let these stay without trying to either engage in them or let go- so I count that as a major success following Lazy Yogi’s advice to “not have a goal”, just to meditate as is.

The one thing that made my practice less than perfect was that I got distracted by my phone 2 or 3 times at the beginning/end and opened my eyes to check out what was going on. Tomorrow I’ll be sure to turn on “Do Not Disturb” before my session.

Overall though, a good day! Grab a free MP3 of the Brain Evolution system here if you’d like.

Level 1, Day 2: More sleep? Plus an interesting moment

Seems like for the majority of today’s 30 minutes with the Brain Evolution System, I fell asleep again.

I stretched, laid down on my bed, and began to watch my thoughts dissolve as they came up. After 2-3 minutes, there were a few moments where my mind was legitimately quiet, which was nice, and then within 5-6 minutes of starting the audio, I fell asleep.

A strange/cool thing happened though- I woke up for a few minutes somewhere in the middle of the audio, and felt as if I weren’t laying down in my bed at all. It felt like I was sitting up at my desk and just had my eyes closed, and it took me a minute to register that no, I was indeed laying down in bed. It was a cool sensation.

But yeah, otherwise, I had an alarm wake me up, so I didn’t really sleep past the audio.

My ideas for fixing my “falling asleep” problem are as follows:

  • just keep going
  • not practice in a darkened room (although the FAQs suggest it being dark)
  • practice at different times of day (maybe in the morning)

I’ll experiment with those soon and we’ll see how it goes. Until then, you can always join me- just grab the free mp3!